About Me – Short and sweet version

About Me – Short and sweet version

After a couple of months of teacher-blog stalking I decided to jump in and create my own blog too. Although I am not a full-fledged (or paid!) teacher yet, I can’t wait to share and gain new ideas through this blog. If you have any tips for a first time blogger please share them with me. I’d love to hear your ideas!!

So, here’s a little background about me.
[I’m going to try to keep it short so I don’t bore you. If you are interested in the long version feel free to go on over to my About Me page to get all the details.]

I have a year left until I graduate with my Elementary Education degree. I will have a minor in Spanish, middle school endorsements in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Spanish and the part I am most excited about, an ESL endorsement thanks to being a part of Project DREAMS.

My blog name and the quote that is listed on my home page both came to be from a common theme in my ESL classes. The funds of knowledge model argues that ELL students and their families have an immense knowledge made up of their history, culture, language and strategies that teachers should appreciate and can use to help the students and families through school as best as they can. This is the alternative, and more positive view, to the deficit model which basically looks at an ELL student’s language as a problem. I was so struck with this view of ELLs that I have completely adopted it and I want to share it with others. I don’t think that this can only be used when talking about ELLs but with any and every student. Like I said, every student comes to school with a wealth of knowledge that they can’t wait to share!

I am beyond excited to start this 2013-1014 school year in my ideal grade and subject area! I love all ages and am a sort of very indecisive person. But after I got this placement I feel like I finally decided that middle school language arts was definitely where I would prefer to teach.

I hope that I can use this blog to document my journey through my year-long co-teaching placement in a 6th grade ELA classroom and also share anything and everything ELL related that I come across, and please, share any ideas or advice you have!