All About Me – Teacher Week ’13

All About Me – Teacher Week ’13

Woo! It’s almost time to go back to school! I’m not sure if I’ll be as up-beat about it when I actually have to take classes and have homework again, but I’m hoping I’ll still be up-beat about being with our sixth graders. I’m joining in on the Teacher Week ’13 Blog Hoppin fun and sharing ten fun things about myself for ‘Let’s talk about me Monday!’


I’m going to be a part of a year long co-teaching student teaching placement. My first official full week starts next Monday with an institute day. Then my cooperating teacher and I have a workshop day on Tuesday, and then the kids come for the first day of school on Wednesday!


Full bookshelves

I have just over 460 children’s and young adult books, but I ran out of room on my bookshelves! I had to stack some books up on top of my tall shelf until I buy another one. Any time I get a new book (usually used) for really cheap, it feels like my birthday! I can’t say no to a good deal on a good book, hence the full bookshelves. I could get some book-ends and put them on top of my small shelf, but that is currently housing my laminator, three whole punch, label maker and paper cutter. (pre-service) teacher problems


I am very indecisive.


I have lots of favorite foods. I just can’t choose one! Corn on the cob, bacon, and almost any kind of Mexican food. And Popeye’s chicken, and Outback Steakhouse, and probably a lot of other things that I can’t think of right now.


Embroidery Machine

I like to embroider things! My lovely fiance got me my embroidery machine for my birthday in April and so far I’ve made four different things all for children under the age of 4. They’re the best to make presents for. ? I love making personalized gifts and I rip the belt loops out of jeans all the time. So I’m sure I’ll get a lot more use of my machine.


Camping Gear

I love to go camping and backpacking! It is so relaxing to be surrounded by the quiet, calm sounds of the outdoors. Love it. The last time my fiance and I went camping was in June, but we’re going again this weekend! I was starting to have some camping withdrawal symptoms.


USA Network is one of my favorite TV channels because it has some of my favorite shows! I love Psych, Unnecessary Roughness, Suits, Royal Pains, and White Collar. My other favorite channel is HGTV. I love daydreaming about buying a house and laughing at all of the ridiculous people that are on some of the shows!



These are my favorite shoes. Really. I have two other pairs of toe shoes too le viagra avis. I love me some Vibram Five Fingers! They allow me to do one of my favorite things, be barefoot, while still protecting my feet. I’m bummed that even though these are essentially toe shoe “flats” I don’t think they’re quite professional enough to wear to school.


Hedgehog Collection
Here’s my little girl with my other hedgehog stuff. ?

I have a pet hedgehog, named Ama (ahh-muh), and I collect hedgehog items! I don’t have a very big collection yet but it will grow. I also have two cats. They’d be jealous if they found out I only talked about Ama. Good thing they can’t read. ?

They love each other!


I have never been outside of North America. I went to Canada with my family when I was younger, but that’s the most exotic place I’ve been. But, I want to go to Spain some day!

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