First Week Bliss and August SLANT Box Reveal

First Week Bliss and August SLANT Box Reveal

Today was my (last!) first day of college classes! After being with the kids for their first week last week it was hard not to be in the classroom with them, but so far my classes have been good. Since I brought up the first week, I want to talk about it a little bit more. 🙂 It. was. AWESOME! Now I want to be one of those students fresh out of college that has a preference for middle school jobs. I just love it that much. I also really, really hope that I find a job after I graduate, so I don’t want to be too picky. We’ll see how that goes, but for now I am going to enjoy every moment of being in 6th grade. I had so much fun meeting the students, helping them with their lockers and schedules, and getting to know them through some first day activities. This Friday the student council is having a lock-in at the school and I’m excited to meet some of the 6th graders (and 7th and 8th graders) that aren’t in our classes or grade.

The SLANT Box Exchange

And on to the next exciting part of my week last week….my first SLANT box reveal! Yay! I was so excited when I got home after school and found the package key in our mailbox. I wasn’t expecting anything other than the SLANT box, so I knew that had to be it!

Elizabeth over at Hootin’ n Hollerin’ in 4th Grade was the lovely teacher that mailed me my SLANT box and I mailed Amanda from Sweeties in Second her SLANT box. If you’d like to see what I sent to Amanda, you can check that out here. Here are all the goodies I got from Elizabeth!

SLANT Box Goodies

Since I love hedgehogs she made me the adorable green/brown poster that is standing up in the back. I want to find a frame for it so I can hang it in my work area at home. There are two green containers because I love green and you can never have enough containers, right? Next to the containers is an insulated cup with a straw so I can make sure my water stays cold at school. The apple post-its are something she gave me with the idea of using them to leave little notes between my cooperating teacher and I which is something she did with her student teacher. I love the idea!

Hawaiian Clipboard

There is also a roll of tropical/floral duck tape that she got for me because it reminded her of Hawaii since I’m getting married in Hawaii. I used it to “beautify” this plain clipboard that I bought. I love how it turned out! Now every time I use my clipboard I will think of Hawaii and Elizabeth. 🙂


Reward Tape

Another great thing that she gave me, that I didn’t even know existed, is the Reward Message Tape. I think this will be a great way to leave little encouragements to my students. It’s also fun to think that Elizabeth bought one for herself, so we’ll both be using them in our classrooms!


She also shared this instructable on how to make these Hedgehog Donut Holes. They look easy enough to make, so I think I’ll make them for my team of teachers for one of our treat days on a Friday and maybe even for my students. I might have to recruit some helpers if I make them for my students since we see close to 100 students in literacy.

pharMA Hedgehog Donut Holes

The last thing she shared was this adorable inspirational video. It should bring a smile to your face. 🙂

If you haven’t heard of the SLANT box you should definitely check it out. You sign up to ‘meet’ another teacher, learn more about them, and then send them a fun package. You get paired up with another teacher that learns more about you and then they send you a fun package. It is open to any teacher, pre-service teacher, etc. and you do NOT have to blog to join in! You can read more about it at Jameson’s blog, Lessons with Coffee. The August SLANT box sign-up is closed, but the September SLANT box sign-up is open!! September’s theme is “OH MY GOD, I FORGOT (blank)!”

  • Stephanie Darden

    Those hedgehog donut holes look amazing!

  • Wendy Arentz

    Have you signed up for October? I am. 🙂 I had too much in August and September…had to join again!

    Love the hedgehog donut holes…too cute!