Five for Friday – On a Saturday!

Five for Friday – On a Saturday!

Okay, so I know it’s Saturday, not Friday, but a lot of things happened this week and I really wanted to link up with the Five for Friday linky because there was a lot going on this week. It was just really late last night when I thought about it…. I’m looking forward to a Five for Friday next week too because the room will be finished, Thursday is open house and Friday I should be going to a new teacher orientation at the middle school. It’s hard to believe that the year is about to start!

In this room poster

I would have made this post last night if I hadn’t stayed up late making this poster for the classroom. I totally think it was worth it though. I love how it turned out! I used fonts from these awesome people: Kimberly Geswein, Kevin and Amanda, TruthMe, Krista Wallden, Jennifer Geihm, and the Techy Teacher.


The second main reason I wanted to join the Five for Friday fun was because on Wednesday I got to make my very first bulletin board!

Snapshots of good books bulletin board

It isn’t finished yet because I still need to make a few ‘snapshots’ of books and add them to the board. The camera clipart I bought came with Polaroid-like picture frames and so I’m going to put a picture of the book covers in the frame and then write a short summary to get students interested in the book on the white part of the polaroid frame. Do you have any book suggestions I should add to the board? I have a few but would love more!


My teacher binder is finally together and I have the class lists for our classes now! Now I just need to write them into the cute class roster pages that were included in the planner files. I think I’ll wait until at least the first day of school though in case they change at all. But if I can’t wait, at least I can just re-print the pages I need and start over. 🙂


I went to a few garage sales yesterday and picked up a couple more books. These stacks are all of the books I’ve acquired over the summer so far, not just the ones from yesterday. Now I just need to scan/enter in all the bar codes/ISBNs to my Book Catalogue app on my phone and put them on my bookshelves. Hmm. I wonder if that will happen before next summer….? 🙂


I’ve been reading The Lightning Thief the last few days and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t like seeing the Sea of Monsters commercials on TV since I haven’t finished the book yet, but they haven’t given away anything I didn’t figure out already. 😉

Do you see the little hedgehog sticking out of the top of the book? That’s my fun little bookmark. It was a gift (since I like to collect hedgehog things) and it’s like a giant paper clip and has a hedgehog fabric wrapped button glued to the top. I don’t think it’s original purpose was to be a bookmark, but I love how the hedgehog sticks out no matter where I put him. It makes me smile. 🙂